March winds will blow your troubles away

Here comes spring. This is the start to the busy painting season. Holmes Painting Co in Louisville Colorado. Suggests that now with the better weather it’s a good time to look at your exterior areas, like siding and painted trim areas for damage. Such things as cracking of wood trim or fading areas of the paint color on siding. Look at window ledges, Horizontal edges of siding and trim areas that can hold snow or rain. Doorjambs and siding low to the ground for signs of flacking paint and exposed wood from winter snows freeze and thaw.


If your thinking of these and other areas. Have a professional Painting Company such as Holmes Painting Company here in Louisville Colorado come out and meet with you. We will give you a Free Estimate and together we can point out those area that need attention! So Call today 303-673-0162 and set up and appointment we are fast, very knowledgeable about painting processes and the many products’ available from local paint stores.

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